Award-winning animator Don Hertzfeldt unites three short films about a hapless guy named Bill with new material to create this feature-length tale.Watch it on Netflix: Arrow – Season 2

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After a violent shipwreck and after having disappeared and believed dead for five years, playboy billionaire Oliver Queen is rescued alive on an island in the Pacific. Back home in Starling City, es recibido por su madre, his sister and his best friend, those who quickly notice that suffered terrible experience has changed him. On the other hand, trata de ocultar la verdad acerca de en quién se ha convertido mientras trata de enmendar los errores que cometió en el pasado y de reconciliarse con su ex novia, Laurel Lance. Mientras trata de volver a contactar a las personas de su pasado jugando el papel del mujeriego adinerado, carefree and careless that used to be, aided by his faithful chauffeur and bodyguard John Diggle, It creates the character of a righteous hooded secret, a vigilante who fights against the evils of society trying to give their city the glory that once had; complicating this mission.

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