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Café Society

Hollywood, years 30. Bobby Dorfman es un joven con ganas de comerse el mundo. Su deseo, por encima de todo, es dedicarse a la interpretación. Por eso, se traslada de Nueva York a Los Ángeles con la idea de hacerse un hueco en el mundo del cine. Allí aprovecha los contactos de su tío Phil Stern, un feroz y todopoderoso magnate de la industria cinematográfica. Será entonces cuando conozca a Vonnie, la glamurosa secretaria de su pariente, quien mira con escepticismo el fulgor de las estrellas.

Set in the 1930s, a young New Yorker moves to Hollywood, where he falls head over heels for the radiant secretary of his hot-shot uncle.

**A boy from the east, a girl from the west and their life choice over romance.**

If you are a film fanatic or a film critic, then the year never comes to end without watching a film by Woody Allen. He’s just a Takashi Miike of the Hollywood, but the thing is he always delivers. He had created his own style of screen presentation like in the line of Wes Anderson and very few others. Uniqueness define his works and so this another romance twisted tale where the first half of the film sets in Los Angeles and the next half in the New York.

A young Jewish American wants to try his luck in the Hollywood seeks help from his uncle who’s a popular an busiest agent in the film industry. He falls in love with his uncle’s personal assistant, but she reveals she already has a boyfriend who’s away now. After some twists in the tale, it becomes a romance-triangle. Who gets who and how it all ends brings the curtain to the film.

Like usual Woody Allen’s background narration had an important role in the storytelling and all those romance troubles were quite nicely told. It opened so well, developed at its best in the middle, but it did not end on a high. I did not like the conclusion, or the last 10-15 minutes. But thankfully it avoided giving out the usual stuff and the end credits rolled up before clearing the situation in the story. That’s one of the way to finish it off, which is obviously not clever like lots of films does that same trick. Whatever, still the film is worth a watch, because of the decent story and great performances, and obviously for Woody Allen.

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