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The Last Witch Hunter

During the war of the witches against human, the Witch Hunters are willing to stop them. One of these brave Hunters is Kaulder (Vin Diesel), He manages to kill the all-powerful witch Queen, thus decimating her devout followers. However, before you die, This wicked witch gets Kaulder curse with the gift of immortality. In this way, the Hunter will see death all loved, the spreading of his beloved wife and his daughter, and staying only with the passage of the years. Decade after decade, Kaulder will continue searching for and killing witches, While not for Miss even a second to his deceased wife and daughter. One of their greatest enemies is Belial (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson), an evil sorcerer that tries to stop with the help of the young and good witch Chloe (Rose Leslie).

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