Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Annual giant vegetable contest approaches and unleashes a "vegetalmania" in the village of Wallace and Gromit. The two friends, they are becoming Golden with his invention, the system "Anti-Pesto", a humanitarian way to control rabbits trying to invade the prized orchards. Suddenly, everything breaks down when a huge, mysterious and voracious 'beast' begins to terrorize the neighborhood, attacking the orchards at night. The organizer of the contest, Lady Tottington, absolutely desperate, It is responsible for Anti-pesto that capture the terrible creature and save the competition. But Victor Quartermaine, The cocky suitor of Lady Tottington, is on the prowl, determined to kill the beast of a shot to become a local hero and get married to the heiress. The competition is at stake, and Lady Tottington has not obliged to let Victor go behind the voracious creature, but the true intentions of the Hunter can have serious consequences.

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